AMD Fusion APUS – The Future Is Fusion

AMD design new generation under the name Fusion APUS. Under this name hides the future microprocessor architecture, the main feature of which will be the union of the central multi-tasking processor with a universal graphical parallel multi-core processors in one chip. At Computex 2010, AMD has demonstrated the Fusion Accelerated Processing Units (APUS) That combine the CPU, GPU, video processing and other capabilities in a single day.

In a whitepaper Fusion, AMD has disclosed ITS That first APUS, code-named “Llano” and “Ontario,” are designed for mainstream desktop and notebook platforms, “thin and light laptops, netbooks, and tablets. Both of These APUS will combine multiple superscalar x86 processor cores with an array of programmable SIMD engines from leveraged AMD’s discrete graphics portfolio.

“The key aspect to note Is that all the major system elements – x86 cores, vector (SIMD) engines, and a Unified Video Decoder (UVD) for HD decoding tasks – The Same atac directly to high speed bus, and Thus to the main system memory. This design concept eliminates one of the Fundamental Constraints That limits the performance of traditional integrated graphics controlers (iGPS), “AMD says.

The launch of the AMD Fusion Family of APUS is Planned for the first half of 2011.