Sony Vaio P Netbook Redesign

Over a year ago reviewed the Sony Vaio P, one of the smallest netbook in circulation today, Sony announced its redesign, both aesthetically, and from the technological point of view, with some improvements in the budget. The new Sony Vaio P will therefore be available in five colors (black, white, pink, green and orange) and propose some useful features especially for use on-the-go, standing or while walking, then moving (thanks to the presence of 3G and GPS.)

The new techniques are mainly two: the addition of a touchpad on each side of the screen (for use just in motion, as is clear from the first image) and the presence of the accelerometer, to rotate the screen as needed. It has been added the possibility to choose a processor at Intel Atom Z530 more advanced than the basic model with the Intel Atom Z560 optional. The Sony Vaio P greedy has been booked for Sony’s online store, starting from 899 euros.