Samsung Seek M350 Low Cost Mobile Phone

This year, Samsung will begin selling its new cell phone Seek M350, which recently received the official announcement. A new mobile phone from Samsung is able to work in networks of CDMA, but GSM module it does not. Samsung Seek M350 has a sliding qwerty-keyboard, there is a horizontal slider, but its touch-sensitive display, though not capacitive, and resistive.

Diagonal latter is 2.6 inches, and supported the resolution – 240×320 pixels. Camera in this model is also present, but it is only 1.3 megapixel, then there is nothing interesting of itself does not represent. Samsung Seek M350 has a media player and allows you to connect to a headphone connector 3,5 m to the characteristics of this new product also includes a module Bluetooth.

This model is the next attempt to show the world that mobile phone can cost very cheap. Samsung Seek M350 will offer only 30 (30) U.S. dollars with complete with a two-year subscriber contracts with big Western operator Sprint.