Samsung Pleomax ML-600G Customizable Gaming Mouse

Samsung Pleomax presents a new laser mouse designed for gaming enthusiasts, the ML-600G. The new mouse Samsung Pleomax ML-600G promises three characteristics necessary for game lovers but also for those with particular professional needs: a high precision of movement, thanks to high resolution, adjustable from 400 to 3200 DPI with two buttons on the side Right, a high degree of customization, with the ability to store up to five different profiles, and an ergonomic design that makes it convenient and easy to use.

The four buttons are customizable and can quickly recall frequently used functions, with 32 KB of memory, customize the buttons can be recalled, giving rise to five available profiles, useful for other players who take turns using the mouse, both different games used by the gamer. Moreover, the new mouse ML-600G features a front OLED display to show the profile and the current settings. Connects to PC via USB, the new mouse is available now signed Samsung Pleomax costs 47.99 euros.