Newspapers are not just meant for reading

After going through the latest in current affairs, reading editorials, skipping advertisements, poking your nose into the celebs section and getting muddled forecasts about the weather and future as well, how do you treat your newspaper? While most of us consider it nothing but waste, there are a few creative minds who make the best possible use of them. Here are some of the most awesome creations made from newspapers.

The New York-based artist Nick Georgiou rolls newspapers into bundles to create amazing sculptures. Real art, I would say!

Recycled Rover is a static pet—a dog sculpted from tightly woven and corded recycled newspaper. It’s as submissive as it could be.

Designed by the UK-based artist Julia de Klerk, the Paper Chair is made from recycled newspapers and parcel tape. A sensible way to re-use everyday waste materials, what do you say?

John Lamorie and his wife Shelly Wu have constructed a small schoolhouse with 1,000 kg of donated newspapers. The 75 sq-meter schoolhouse took nearly a year to come into existence. Papercrete is what he calls the building material prepared by feeding newspapers, water and cement into the blender.

Kimberly Kulka, a student at California College of Arts has constructed a chair from newspapers that accommodates all your papers in a rolled up fashion. The rolled up literature provides extra support, cushioning and soul, plus a little extra storage space.

Sculptural installation artist Susan Benarcik transforms old newspapers and recycled papers into tactile sculptural pieces and evocative wall treatments. The installation piece, “30 Days; A Collection of Disparate Memories” was created from newspapers collected during a month-long artist residency in Montauk, NY.

Over 1000 participants collaborated to fashion a house that is made from the rolled-up literature stuff. Conceived by artist Summer Erek, the house was built for Creative City.

No less than 60 sheets of recycled newspapers went into the making of the colorful basket case pictured above. Cláudio Cardoso and Telma Veríssimo from Studio Verissimo have recreated this “News” basket.

Designer Yasmin Sethi created the Newspaper Furniture as a part of her final project during her Foundation in Art and Design. The chair with backrest is made out of tightly rolled newspapers that have been bound together. Even the table is made by folding the sheets of a newspaper to make a petal shape.

Rounding it up where we started from, the screaming newspaper sculpture created by Nick Georgiou is awesome creativity personified.

Well, did I tell you that newspapers can be transformed into some really amazing dresses? Click on the image below to see it yourself