Cybook Bookeen Opus eBook Reader with Bright Colors

The eBook reader Cybook Bookeen Opus, new models especially revised with 7 new color to choose from gray, yellow, red, blue, pink, black or orange, depending on your preferences or color that best suits your needs.

The technical characteristics do not differ much from the previous generation instead. Noteworthy, however, the new software Boo Reader, optimizing battery life, readability, in addition, then the E Ink display with a resolution 5-inch 800 × 600 pixels, 1 GB of memory, expandable anyway through microSD cards, and accelerometer.

Particular highlight is the ability to display up to four different shades of gray, to help ensure a comfortable reading in various ambient light conditions and the presence of up to 12 characters in size. The price of the new Cybook Opus is about $ 226, and includes 150 titles free.